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Amazing Cover!

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  This is an amazing vogue cover for january 2012!  Like? Please comment!

What do you want me to write about?

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Review on the Iphone 4s

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For Christmas I got an Iphone 4s. Lot’s of people properly think that it is no different to the iphone 4 but there are so many better things! Firstly there’s Siri, Siri is a program built on the iphone 4s that you can speak to! You can ask it questions like: “Will I need an umbrella tonight?”  and it will answer with something like: “You will need an umbrella tonight, here is the weather for …” .  The other advantages about the iphone 4s is that is is sooooo much faster! The wifi connection is amazing! I  suggest the iphone 4s!


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What has no beginning, end or middle?


A doughnut  🙂 


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    Hello, This is my blog that  i will be posting stories, quizzes, information, football stuff and much                 more!! i hope you enjoy my blog!